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Welcome to BMX
- the individual sport that families do together

The Northern BMX Club (NBMX) was established in 2018 to assist council with the redevelopment of the BMX facilities at Sycamore Reserve,  Mill Park. The tracks official re-opening is planned for early 2019 once redevelopment works are complete.

Can you join the club and start training and racing now?

Yes, you can get into BMX now! The best thing about BMX is you are not limited to your local club, with a
1 month FREE Trial Licence or Full Open Membership you can ride, train  and race at any track around Victoria and Australia.

What racing options are available once you join the club?

There are many levels of racing available and all racing is done in gender & age format:


Club Racing -

Relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere that allows riders of all level enjoy the sport of BMX together.  
A great place to start racing with no pressure and the ability to learn from more experienced club riders

State Series Open Racing -

This is the next step as riders progress and get on the gate with riders from other clubs to earn points towards  becoming the Victorian State Series Champion. While still being a fun & friendly environment
there is an added level of competitiveness for  the rider with goals to do well.

State Titles Racing -

For 1 weekend each year all Victorian riders converge to race the State Titles to earn themselves the coveted ‘V’ plate or to simple test themselves against the best riders in the state. The State Titles are
open to all members and does not have qualifying requirements. Fun level are high and the competitive levels are higher.

National Series Racing -

For the rider that has progressed and wants to challenge themselves against the best riders in Australia.  The National Series visits every State so riders can choose to do the series or just compete the round that is in their State.  This is where you get super competitive racing or simply enjoy testing yourself against
the best in your age group.


National Titles Racing -

You find the best riders from all around Australia competing to earn themselves a converted ‘A’ plate.  
1 week each year riders converge to race the Nationals and try to earn qualification to represent Australia
at the World Titles.


World Titles Racing -

Earn yourself an ‘A’ plate at the National Titles and you qualify to represent Australia at the World Titles.


Each week there are many Club Races “Clubbies” around the state you can race to get started and learn about BMX racing at the entry level. Fortnightly there is also State Series Races “Opens” where 300+ riders from clubs all around the State come together to race.


We welcome all new members to join us and experience the fun of racing BMX and were are here to help you get involved in the sport with  information, coaching and support at races.

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