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What equipment do you need to get on the track?


There are race specific bikes but to start all you need is any BMX bike - generally they will have 20 inch or 24 inch wheels


Before racing on the track

- Remove any mudguards, chain guards, kick-stand, pegs and reflectors, for the safety of yourself and other riders.

- Ensure that there are no sharp edges on your handlebars (i.e. No torn grips with exposed metal) or pedals and you need a rear hand brake.

- Officials will check your bike for you and help with any minor adjustments.

What do you need to wear?


BMX tracks are designed for fast paced racing - at some point a crash is going to happen.  


There are race specific clothing, padding and protection that should be considered but the minimum requirements are:

- Long Pants or Track Pants that are fitted at the ankle are acceptable

- Long Sleeve Top or Race Jersey that is fitted at the wrist

- Gloves that have complete hand and finger coverage

- Full Face Helmet that covers the ears (Some clubs have loan helmets available)

- Fully enclosed shoes

- A huge smile from all the fun you will be having

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